The Susan Schneck Arts for Life Scholarship Fund


About the program

The Arts for Life Scholarship program is rooted in our belief that creativity is inherent in all people and the arts should be affordable and accessible. We know that when you invest in creativity, the community reaps the rewards.

Scholarships are awarded quarterly to St. Louis Park residents with financial need to enrich their lives through a creative experience. Funding is available for private music lessons, art class enrollment fees and materials, and other arts activities that develop creativity.

Read the full program guidelines here.

Application Deadlines

  • March 5

  • June 5

  • September 15

  • December 5

Susan Schneck

Susan Schneck is a lifelong arts advocate and co-founder of both Friends of the Arts and the Arts for Life Scholarship program. Over the years, she served Friends of the Arts as a board member, president, and interim executive director. In 2014, she was formally recognized by the St. Louis Park City Council for her contributions to the community.

In 2017, Friends of the Arts affirmed the mission of the program and changed the name of the fund to the Susan Schneck Arts for Life Scholarship Fund in recognition of Susan’s commitment to arts affordability and accessibility.

Susan has experienced and witnessed the transformative and restorative power of the arts throughout her life, and holds the belief that finances shouldn’t get in the way of creative growth and development. Through her conviction and determination, and with the help of other arts advocates in St. Louis Park, she founded the Arts for Life Scholarship Fund, and Friends of the Arts is proud to have her name and legacy attached to the fund.

Susan (right) spreading the Friends of the Arts mission at a summer arts festival in the early days of the organization.