Expressing Voting through Poetry

Our collaboration with the City’s elections department kicked off last month at our SLP Votes! poetry jam where residents and community members came together to share poems expressing their emotional connection to voting. St. Louis Park’s Community Poet and Friends of the Arts board member, Diane Pecoraro, hosted the evening and kicked things off with a set of humorous voting slogans—clever calls-to-action to our community:

We are here to promote
that folks get out and vote!

You’re on a roll
when you go the poll!

Now you are of voting age,
sign up and mark the ballot page!

Laddies and lassies aye, forsooth,
get ye to the voting booth!

To read more of Diane’s voting slogans, as well as some of the poems shared, visit

You can watch the entire poetry jam on YouTube, recorded by ParkTV: