Artist-Designed Utility Boxes

Roots & Shoots Club’s Earth Day Contest

A group of St. Louis Park high school students from the Roots & Shoots club put on an art contest for utility box wrap designs in an effort to raise awareness of climate change. The group of students worked with iMatter and the City of St. Louis Park to have the winning design installed on a utility box on Earth Day in 2017. The winning image was a photo taken by Nathaniel Sturzl. Other submissions were received from Emma Kempf and Yonah Davis. Their submissions and comments about their artwork are below.

If you’re interested in having your artwork wrapped on a utility box, or putting together a contest or a project, you can learn more on our Opportunities page, or contact us to partner.

Nathaniel Sturzl

Shown in color as well as black and white is part of Vatnajökull glacier from the south of Iceland and the largest in the country. "It's like a skeleton decomposing, just like the glaciers are decomposing and meting away."

Emma Kempf

"I do not want to lose the environmental diversity of our planet to climate change. The natural landscape on Earth is varied and unique. Wherever you go, there is something different in the scenery, and climate change threatens the existence of land forms and species that make Earth a dynamic place."

Yonah Davis

"The environment is what keeps mankind alive so it means a lot to me. Beyond ensuring our survival and fulfilling our basic needs such as food and materials for shelter, the environment is a source of pleasure and wonderment for me. I enjoy walking outside and feeling a cool breeze or watching the sun set while having a summer picnic. The environment is also a constant source of inspiration for me whether in the form of raindrops, rock formations, sun sets and more. This is why I choose to submit my photography. I wanted to share how I view the environment. Two of my photos have a more macro perspective which signifies how important the small details and small organisms are to the survival of humans and longevity of the environment. My third photo has a larger perspective which reminds me to look at the bigger picture and the environment as a whole. The photos also capture important components of the environment such the sun and water."